New fully-automated R-FL-DUPLEX⁺ saves space and costs


The R-FL-Duplex⁺ eliminates one of the three stages of the impregnation process entirely without in any way compromising the quality of the processed parts.


Traditionally, after impregnation there is a dedicated wash module to ensure that components are clean before the last stage of impregnation. With the R-FL-Duplex⁺ there is no wash station – parts go straight from the autoclave to the hot cure tank.


The introduction of a new hot cure recycling process, which is continuous and in real-time, is very robust and offers of the advantages of Ultraseal’s market-leading recycling sealant, Rexeal 100, and ensures that there is zero aqueous effluent.


Fully automated with the use of robotics, the R-FL-Duplex⁺ has several advantages over a traditional impregnation process: it takes up one-third less space on the factory floor, uses less energy and has increased production throughput, which can be increased further with the addition of modular hot cure stations.


The R-FL-Duplex⁺ is ideally suited to single-part processing but, with some configuration, multi-parts can also be processed.



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