In-House Impregnation Facilities


In-House impregnation facilities (sometimes known as managed jobshops or on-site impregnation) offers manufacturers the choice to bring the benefits of the impregnation process ‘in-house’ into their production facilities but without having to invest in the capital equipment outlay or to have to develop a new expertise or skill.


In-house impregnationUltraseal offers In-House impregnation facilities to manufacturers who would benefit from having their own dedicated on-site resource. This involves the installation and commissioning of Ultraseal impregnation processes and equipment. Thereafter, Ultraseal would manage the whole end-to-end impregnation process using its own experts and resources.


Customers benefit from the scheduled receipt of leak-free parts at an agreed cost but without the distraction of having to manage and invest in an non-core process.


Drivers and Benefits for an In-House Impregnation Facility

Outsourced impregnation

The decision to partner with Ultraseal to set-up an In-House Impregnation Facility is often driven by a number of market factors:


• Volume of components requiring impregnation has reached a threshold where subcontracting is less competitive/attractive

• Experiencing capacity and long lead time issues from subcontracting impregnation needs

• Need to integrate component impregnation with other in-house production processes but no desire to invest in the capital outlay or develop a new core competence

The benefits from having a dedicated In-House Impregnation Facility are many:


• Reduced lead times and increased supply chain control
• More capacity flexibility
• Greater potential for the integration of the impregnation process
• Reduced production costs
• In-house impregnation process expertise from Ultraseal staff


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