Electroseal 35


Electroseal 35 is a sealant specifically formulated for the electrical connector industry. Electrical leads and connectors, especially in the automotive industry, can benefit from impregnation to protect them from the ingress of water or other contaminants that would have adverse effects on their performance.


The formulation and resultant physical properties of Electroseal 35 were developed in conjunction with the industry to ensure that the stringent demands of this special application were fully met:


  • Flexible - in the cured state, as required for wires and cables, and to be resilient to shock and vibration in use.
  • Hydrophobic - to repel water and the ingress of moisture.
  • Low Di-electric constant - to ensure good performance.
  • Process stability - when compared to anaerobic processes.
  • Low cure temperature - to protect against possible thermal damage and to reduce production energy costs.


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