Sinterseal 100


Sinterseal 100 is a sealant specifically for the powdered metal industry. Traditionally, cast components are impregnated to seal them against leaks, which if left untreated would cause them to fail in service. Sintered parts, from the Powder Metal industry, have different properties that require impregnation for one or more different reasons.


  • Increased Machinability

Powder Metal components are notorious for their aggressive affect on cutting tools. Impregnation prior to machining effectively creates a more homogeneous surface thereby reducing potential for tool "chatter". This can result in extension of tool life by up to a hundred times.


  • Surface coating pre-treatment

The significant porosity in powder metal parts can harbour contaminates such as oil, acids or cleaning agents, from production processes. If left untreated, this can lead to subsequent surface treatments being damaged when these contaminants leach out to the surface. Impregnation effectively cleans and fills this porosity allowing a better quality surface treatment thus ensuring increased life expectancy.

  • Pressure Integrity

In applications where powder metal parts are used for pressure critical components, impregnation ensures that the inherent porosity within the part is fully sealed, therefore ensuring it is fit for purpose.


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