Vacuum Impregnation Equipment


Ultraseal is the global leader in vacuum impregnation equipment, offering a range of top loading and front loading machines from manual to fully automatic systems as well as being the pioneer and leader in recycling impregnation technology. 


Ultraseal's philosophy is not to offer its customers standard vacuum impregnation equipment, but built on a thorough understanding of the precise requirements, it provides a bespoke solution based on modular designs from a wide range of standardised elements.

This approach is necessary because the requirements of a foundry handling raw castings will be vastly different to those of an end user seeking to impregnate finished machined components or a sub-contract operation processing a range of parts of varying sizes and materials. 

Ultraseal's unique understanding of the varied requirements of customers in a diverse range of industries is clearly reflected in its global client base and the enormous range of components being impregnated worldwide today using Ultraseal vacuum impregnation equipment and recycling impregnation sealants. 


Top Loading Machines


Top-loading vacuum impregnation equipment was the first to be used for impregnation and was originally based on a simple vacuum autoclave system with open tanks for the subsequent processes.

Simple top-loading vacuum impregnation machines remain widely used today and Ultraseal can supply standard batch processing machines for start-up and lower volume requirements, offering appropriate levels of process control.

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Front Loading Machines


Ultraseal International pioneered the world's first front-loading vacuum impregnation system to complement the majority of manufacturing worldwide which is conveyor-based.

Front loading vacuum impregnation equipment offers greater speed, control and significant health and safety advantages, as well as the key ability to be fully integrated into production lines.

The impregnation process can now be connected to the previous operation by simple conveyor, negating the need for auxiliary transport mechanisms. Furthermore, the loading of each module is simplified, with no requirement for an overhead gantry or hoist.

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